ORICUS – Hand Knotted Pazyryk Rug


ORICUS – 6 x 9 ft

This is a master piece in a diverse antique premium PAZYRYK kind of hand knotted rug. The Pazyryk rug is one of the oldest carpets in the world, dating around the 4th–3rd centuries. A beautiful one of a kind piece with a combination of red, blue and mustard threads and the level of technical sophistication make it clear that the Pazyryk carpet belongs to a very old artistic tradition as well. These stunning pieces have horses hand knotted on them as in war, the horses made these mounted warriors almost impossible to conquer and is one fine way to spot this rug kind.

This rug is hand knotted by the most skilled weavers. Hand spun wool is used with natural dyes. The end result is a very special PAZYRYK rug with real depth and movement of color. Each piece is uniquely and individually made as quality and good design is incredibly important in creating a beautiful yet sustainable piece that will last for years to come.

For custom queries, please email us at info@hunarkar.com

❄️100% wool & hand knotted
❄️size: 6 x 9 ft
❄️ready to ship
❄️can be customised in any color & size!

Paired with intricate designs, the rug’s overall feel is a treat to the eyes for the muted theme lovers!🌸

This piece can be made in any size required! For bespoke orders, please email us at info@hunarkar.com

All sizes are nominal, accepted variance is +/-3″

• Our lead time is approximately 16-20 weeks from the receipt of the order
• Hunarkar rugs are all made to order. For further information or to place an order please send us your rug requirements at info@hunarkar.com.

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