Scallop Rugs

Hunarkar is the best place to buy rugs online. Here, our customers and clients can avail themselves best affordable rugs. On our website, viewers can find some of the best kitchen rugs, bedroom rugs, and rugs for virtually every place in the house, office space, or any surface like hard-wood floor.

Our website provides comprehensive inventory of rugs and dhurries, each carefully selected and displayed to cater to the needs of our valued clients and customers. Every piece displayed on the website presents the viewer with virtually every information they might need regarding the rug/dhurries. Each rug/dhurrie is photographed in a way to unequivocally present the subtle details of the item, exhibiting the defining features and uniqueness which make these items stand out. Different colors and sizes the rugs and dhurries are available in, their content and material type, mode of construction, and other relevant information such as the ideal rug placement is also available. It is important to note here, that all our products are eco-friendly. Hunarkar makes no compromise on authenticity and quality of its products.

There are two primary categories of rugs we offer, namely Persian Rugs and Scallop Rugs. Persian Rugs are renowned for their exquisite and elegant designs, known world over for their prestige.
Scallop Rugs are ornamental pieces presenting a convex outline, aesthetically simple yet delicately intricate at the same time to appeal to anyone with a keen sense of art.

At Hunarkar, we offer our valued clients and customers an opportunity for customizing rug and dhurrie designs free of charge. Our flatwoven Rugs and Dhurries are double-sided which makes our rugs and dhurries not only aesthetically pleasing but rugged as well, suiting to the needs of our customers where they may choose to place their purchased rugs or dhurries as they please. Hunarkar offers its clients custom order services where they can to design their own Dhurries, select patterns or color combination, and choose the size they like.