Hey Ursula! Thanks for the fast shipment, no additional customs were charged so that’s good. The runner looks stunning, even better then the pictures. I will set it up and send you the pictures soon. Also, what about the other shipment? Good Day

Jane Alter

Hey! Just received the order this morning and couldn’t wait to open and set it up in my new place. Its complimenting my vibrant sofa that I told you about so well! I am so happy with the quality and colors! Thank you so much for the discount!

Grace Villaruz

Hey! Thanks for the fast delivery!! I thought this was coming tomorrow but so glad this came in today. Much easier to set up before the launch! Plus, the colors look great and are going well with the dresser which was my biggest concern! well done!

Rose Murray

Hey! Just had the shipment come in today. The rug looks beautiful and so neatly finished. I have bought Oshaks in the past as well but this was possibly the best price ever! The colors are blending in so well. Thanks for the consultation.

Jennifer Ford